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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy | Lakeside Physical Therapy & Fitness Center - Tamworth, NH

Lakeside Physical Therapy was established by Jack Hadam who achieved his first physical therapy credentials when graduated with Master Degree in Motoric Rehabilitation from Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, Poland in 1984. As in description of the Academy it is school that emphasize physical fitness of its students that must be supported by their superior knowledge in the field of exercises and conditioning.

Although Jack Hadam has been practicing physical therapy in the United States for 20 years and achieved Doctorate degree from Boston University in 2005 he has never abandoned his love for exercising. As he has gotten older and more experienced he has developed even stronger belief that exercises if not the only they are the most important aspect of therapeutic intervention. Intervention that helps people to overcome their impairments that include their physical as well as psychological deficits.

Because of Dr. Hadam’s approach to physical therapy his two clinics utilize exercises as a primary form of therapeutic intervention. In those clinics we not only teach our clients how to exercise but we also try to make them like to do so. Our both clinics operate with conjunction with fitness centers where patients smoothly transition from physical therapy to fitness program. In today’s world of limited insurance coverages this is huge issue since our patient could continue with individually designed exercise programs for many weeks after they are discharged from formal treatment. Although they are independent our fitness center members could always count on professional support from our therapists.

Lakeside Physical Therapy & Fitness Center offers professional therapy services at affordable prices to patients in the Tamworth, NH area. Our experts have a reputation for being easy-to-talk with and providing technical information in understandable language. You will instantly be put at ease and realize your physical therapist plays a crucial role in your recuperation process. You are a team.

Physical therapy is a branch of rehabilitative medicine that uses natural methods to get your body back to optimal operating conditions. It can also be used to help you maintain an efficient operating level. You will not be given any drugs or receive surgery recommendations. You can expect your physical therapist to use heat treatment, massage, and exercises to stimulate circulation, flexibility, and strength. Each treatment program is customized and changes according to your progress. Your physical therapist is a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

In order to receive any type of physical therapy services, you will be required to provide us with a written doctor's order or prescription. Your physical therapist will be part of your medical care team. Doctor's provide your therapist with information about your injury, physical condition, or other pertinent data.

Many physical therapy services are covered by health care insurance. Do not concern yourself with paperwork or insurance dealings. Be assured we employ a staff of highly trained individuals experienced in competently and professionally handling the insurance industry. Let us process your paperwork, talk with insurance agents, and take care of needed details. You just concentrate on your recuperation and recovery work.

Your insurance coverage dictates how many physical therapy treatments are paid for. Anything outside of that will be your responsibility. Just talk with our experts for more information about this complex topic.

Experience professional physical therapy services in the Tamworth, NH area by consulting with experts at Lakeside Physical Therapy & Fitness Center.